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Moomin Herbarium Mugs

Moomin Herbarium Mugs

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Enter the wonderland of Moomin, Little My and Snufkin as they explore in a botanical herbarium. The white background contrasts the whimsical botanical designs, guaran-tea-ing an exciting adventure ahead! The mug holds up to 350ml and can hold both hot and cold drinks. 

Which character will you get?

***We regret to inform that Moomin is out of stock. Only Little My and Snufkin are available. We do not have plans for restock currently once it is sold out. 

Product Specifications
Size 110 x 95 x 105 mm (BOX SIZE)
Capacity 350ml
Approximately 300 g
Material Porcelain
Care & Precautions

● Do not freeze. There is a risk of damage or deformation.  
● Do not use in a microwave. 
●After use, wash with a soft sponge and wipe immediately dry.
● Do not use cleanser, metal scourer thinner, benzine, etc.  It may cause scratches and paint peeling.  Do not use chlorine bleach. 
● Do not hit or apply a strong impact.  
● Keep away from fire.  
● When using for the first time after purchase, wash well with a neutral detergent before use.  

Manufactured in Japan
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