Maison Ace Story

About Maison Ace

Maison Ace started out as a passion project in 2017 with the belief that cooking and eating  together is the heart of a family's day. 

Every single product is tried and tested by us; and we will only ever curate products we use in our own homes.

How do we put together a nutritious, quick and easy to cook meal that busy (and exhausted) mums won't find daunting? How do we find time to make superfood smoothies in the morning for our loved ones so even if they don't have breakfast they are okay.

Is clean up easy? Can we encourage everyone to sit down cook and participate at the table together?

All this and more run through our minds each time we think of how we can add value and meaning to your lives. 

Since then, Maison Ace has grown and is currently the Official Singapore Distributor of Japanese kitchen appliance brands which includes BRUNO Japan, Vitantonio and Aladdin Sengoku. 


Our Ethos

Vision: To bring people and families together to cook and eat healthy home made meals from the heart.
Mission: Inspire, encourage and educate about better cooking for your loved ones.