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Bloom Tulip Bouquet LED Lights (Pink)

Bloom Tulip Bouquet LED Lights (Pink)

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Symbolising perfect love, it's no wonder many couples choose Holland, Keukenhof to experience the gorgeous view of blooming tulips during their honeymoon~

Now, you can bring home the love, with the VIA K Studio LED Bloom Tulip Bouquet. 

Pink tulips also stand for affection, caring, good wishes, and love. Making them perfect to send to a loved one (or to yourself) any time of the year.

Unlike real flowers, these eternal blooms never fade. 

Product Specifications

Power Supply: 2 AAA Batteries, included

Decorative flowers



Remote Control

ON for 6hrs, AUTO OFF for 18hrs

Inclusive of 8 tulips in a bouquet, 2 AAA batteries

Manufactured in: China


Size: 145 x 234mm~

Weight: 645g~

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  • Decor by Day☀️

    Each bouquet is handmade and has a unique texture to mimic real flowers.

  • Moodlight by Night🌙

    Emits a warm gentle glow, perfect to brighten up any space

  • Battery Operated

    One button operation - Simple to use and no need for unsightly wires!

  • Auto Timer

    Turn it on before bed and it will turn off automatically in 6 hours. It will turn on again automatically after 18 hours.

  • Everlasting Blooms

    Unlike real flowers, these blooms never fade. Pink tulips stand for affection, caring, good wishes, and love♡

  • Remote Control

    Turn the moodlight on/off from every corner of your room

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