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Rose Gold Skimmers

Rose Gold Skimmers

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The latest addition to our Rose Gold Cookware collection: Rose Gold Skimmers

With the same sleek and ergonomic rose gold handles, it gives you a comfortable yet firm grip.

Say goodbye to digging around for that one fishball or getting soup when you just want to get that cheese tofu... now you can get to all your hotpot ingredients easily, without the soup!

It is the perfect cookware to pair with your BRUNO as the silicone will not scratch your attachments. It can also withstand high heat up to 260-degree celsius! 

Comes in 4 gorgeous pastel colours (Pink, Lavender, Mint and Blue) matched with a unique rose gold finish.


Product Specifications


Material Food grade stainless steel in rose gold finishing + BPA Free silicone
Function Heat Resistant up to 260-degree celsius
Care & Precautions Do not leave on the pot while cooking. When cooking with ingredients with high fat/oil content or like curry, turmeric, stains may occur.
Manufactured in China


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