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My Bottle Blender in Ivory

My Bottle Blender in Ivory

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Twist, Press, Blend! 3-step Quiet Mixing

Easily Make Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Juice

With just three simple steps - twist, press, and blend - quietly make fresh fruit and vegetable juice! 

Vitantonio introduces the all-new My Bottle Blender, featuring a new noise-reducing cover, eliminating noisy blending sounds, and reducing noise to 71dB. 

With a 400ml capacity, it's enough for 1-2 people to enjoy. After blending, use the sealed cup lid to enjoy healthy and delicious fruit and vegetable juice anytime!


【 Steps 】

Step 1: Add ingredients (Ice/ Fruits/ Water or Milk) and tighten the blade base

Step 2: Place it back on the main unit and press gently!

Step 3: Ready to go!


Product specifications
About W 110 x D 110 x H 305 (mm)
Bottle: AS Resin
Main Body, Lid: ABS Resin
Noise-reducing Cover: Polycarbonate
Rotations Per Minute (RPM) 20,000/min
Function Hand Pressured + Auto-Blend
Power Consumption 200 wattage
Voltage 220-240v
Plug type 3 pin plug, compatible and compliant for Singapore use.
Inclusive of Main Body, Cup, Sealed Cup Lid, Rod
Manufactured in China


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