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Multi Baker with Timer in Lavender

Multi Baker with Timer in Lavender

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You said it - we've heard you - your love for pastels is unending and truth be told, so is ours! But we love our pastel shades elegant and not too-cute - after all, it has got to look sleek and sophisticated in your beautiful kitchens! We promise our latest color delivers on all fronts - pastel lavender! Gorgeous, refined, like a purple blush on our new and improved multi baker (we've gotten rid of the metal band and made it one seamless machine) it's a shade that inspires creativity and contentment while you're whipping up your fresh, golden waffles, juicy pocket sandwiches, muffins, cupcakes and more!

The baker heats up super fast and super evenly thanks to both top and bottom heating elements, with a very high-quality coating, unlike the usual cheap versions which emit "plasticky" smells and produce uneven results.

It is like a mini oven - only cuter - and you'll never have a problem with leftovers! Mix and match your plates to produce a smorgasbord of treats both sweet and savoury! The plates are non-stick and can be cleaned and switched easily. 

The Multi Baker comes with 2 basic plates: Waffle and Multi Sand plates. This is not exchangeable with other plates, all sets are fixed. 

Note: OTHER PLATES ARE SOLD SEPARATELY - please purchase from the Vitantonio Multi Baker Optional Plates listing.

Product specifications
W251mm X L246mm X H98mm
2.5 kg (including waffle plate)
Body / phenolic resin, stainless steel 
plate / fluororesin processing aluminum die casting
Heating Element Heating Coil
Function Removable plates, 10 minutes timer, heats up to 210-degree celsius.
Power Consumption 900 wattage
Voltage 220-240v
Plug type 3 pin plug, compatible and compliant for Singapore use.
Inclusive of Main body, 1 set of waffle plates and 1 set of multi sand plate
Manufactured in China
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