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Casa Mia

High Speed Ionic Hair Dryer Pearl White

High Speed Ionic Hair Dryer Pearl White

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Hear us out - we’re not looking to blow you away metaphorically - we’re just here to make blowing your hair a whole lot more comfortable.

Introducing… our NEW Casa Mia Brushless DC Ionic Hair Dryer!

High Speed / Low Noise

⁠Negative ions for silky smooth hair

Lightweight at 318g only, it’s the perfect hairdryer for travelling, and even for children’s daily use! 

Product Specifications

Material: Polycarbonate, Nylon, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Acrylonitrile 

Power Supply: 1600W

Input Power: 220-240V, 50/60Hz 

Wind Speed: Slow / Medium / Fast (up to 20m/s) 

Motor Specification: ≥110,000 rpm - Brushless DC High speed motor 

Temperature Setting: Natural Wind (Ambient) / Low (57°C) / Medum (88°C) / High (100°C)/ Hot & Cold Cycling (Ambient - 100°C) 

Designed Noise Level: Lowest 59dB** 

Negative Ion Emission: 200 million negative ions/second 

** At laboratory environment 

Inclusive of: Hair Dryer , Styling Nozzle , Magnetic Wall Hanger 

Manufactured in: China


Size: Approx. H233mm x D85mm x W63mm (Excluding nozzle) 

Cord Length: 1.8m ~ 

Weight: Body: 318g ~

Full: Approx 480g ~

Warranty & Care

Your Casa Mia High Speed Hair Dryer is covered by a 1 year local warranty. Please register this warranty at

The warranty covers Hair Dryer set manufacturing defects and does not extend to scratches caused by cleaning.

Warranty does not cover consumable parts.

Please follow instructions manual closely.

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  • Reduces Frizz

    Generating 200 million negative Ions per second to speed dry, protect and enhance hair health and shine

  • Quick Drying

    Dry your hair under 5 minutes!

  • Ultra Light

    Only 318g (body only), easy and convenient for travel

  • Quiet Power

    Utilizes a quiet, efficient brushless DC motor at 110,000 rpm and 20m/s wind speed yet operating at as low as 59 decibels!

  • NTC Intelligent Temperature Control

    Accurately control airflow temperature, preventing overheating damage to hair

  • Convenient Accessories

    Includes a styling nozzle and magnetic wall hanger for easy shaping, styling and storage