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Eco Bag - Navy Typo

Eco Bag - Navy Typo

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*Exclusive from Japan*

A collaboration with Isabelle Boineau, an artist and illustrator living in France.

This item is an eye-catching and cute piece of art that will make your outings more fun, with two designs that incorporate French characteristics. The main body is made of lightweight recycled polyester.

it's thin and not bulky, and the long handle makes it easy to carry over your shoulder. It's a pocketable design that can be folded into an inner pocket, so you can pop it into your bag and carry it with you at any time. It is recommended not only as an eco bag but also as a main bag for everyday use.

Artist | Isabelle Boineau
Illustrator and artist from France.
She has written a number of books, including a recipe book full of her own illustrations and an essay titled ``Otoshiyori - Nostalgic Japan Traveled by a Parisian'', which is an illustrated essay about her memories with the elderly people she met in Japan.

In addition to having a serialized article in the magazine "&Premium", she has also appeared on NHK E-TV's "Parisienne's Rural Life", and is active in many other fields.

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