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Precision Digital Scale (0.1g-2kg) in Blue

Precision Digital Scale (0.1g-2kg) in Blue

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Are you a baker or wanting to learn how to bake? 

Then you should know the importance of being precise in measuring your ingredients right down to the grams - any discrepancy could cause your bakes to fail! 

With Dretec's Precision Digital Scale, measure out your ingredients quickly with precise accuracy to a decimal point (0.1g accuracy) and up to a maximum weight of 2000g (2kg).

It is easy to see what you're weighing as it has an ultra-wide display and large fonts.

The silicone cover is removable for easy cleaning and there is also a hook to hang it to store it conveniently. 

Now available in 3 dreamy pastel shades - Pink, Lavender and Blue

Product specifications
130 x 183 x 30 mm
Weighing Range  0.3~2000g
Precision Range

0.3 ~ 300g : 0.1g

300g ~ 1000g: 0.5g

1001g~200g: 1g

Batteries required 2 AAA batteries needed
Temperature resistance -50 degrees celsius - 230 degrees celsius
Auto-off 4 minutes idle
Inclusive of Main body, Removable Silicone Cover, 2 AAA batteries, instructions manual
Manufactured in China
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