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Organic Cookware 6pc Set

Organic Cookware 6pc Set

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Made from nature’s ingredients, made with quality, made with time.

Stringently tested and independently certified, our cookware is strong and durable - designed with space-saving, multi-purpose use in mind.

Dogado Organic Cookware’s ceramic coating is derived from natural sand. 8 layers of this natural coating are incorporated with nanotechnology to produce a non-stick surface free from cadmium, PFOAs or other harmful nasties.

The ceramica coating is developed by KFCC and has passed abrasion tests of up to 30,000 applications, making it easy to clean and stain resistant. In its very core, the 98% aluminium cookware goes through tremendous pressure – 3,500 tonnes of metal exerted on a special machine, to give it excellent heat conductivity.

Combining superior Korean technology with a clean, functional minimalist aesthetic in neutral colours – the only pots you'll ever need, from kitchen to dining table.

Unclutter your kitchen and your mind and allow Dogado to introduce you and your family to the joys of simple, clean, healthy eating. 


18cm Pot | Capacity: 1.6 litre | 194 x 194 x 90mm I Weight: 500g | Made in Korea

18cm Lid | 194 x 194 x 34mm |

Weight: 410g | Made in China

22cm Pot | Capacity: 2.5 litre | 234 x 234 x 70mm I Weight: 754g | Made in Korea

26cm Pot | Capacity: 2.5 litre | 274 x 274 x 55mm I Weight: 800g | Made in Korea

Multi-Lid (22,24,26cm) | 274 x 274 x 36mm | Weight: 740g | Made in China

Multi Handle | 184 x 42 x 42mm I

Weight: 240g | Made in China

Care & Precautions

NOT Microwave safe

Only use with wooden and silicone cookware. Only clean when cooled and with a soft sponge and dishwashing liquid. Do not use abrasive materials. The coating may be damaged if an impact is applied.

This is a consumable product, wear and tear is normal with usage.

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  • From kitchen to dining table

    Time saving - Cook and Serve directly!

  • Space Saving

    Stacks together when not in use.

  • Superior non-stick quality

    Easy to clean and stain resistant.

  • Use with various heat source

    Compatible with gas stove, induction heater, electric cook top and oven.

  • Removable Multi-Handle

    Dual safety features and can carry up to 10kg!

    Watch how to use here 
  • For yourself or loved ones

    Perfect for newlyweds or as a house warming gift♡

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