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Compact Multi Grill Pot in Blue Green

Compact Multi Grill Pot in Blue Green

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Coming in Mini but Mighty is the *NEW* Compact Multi Grill Pot!

Not to be confused with her bigger capacity sister, the Multi Grill Pot  this petite version clocks in at a 800ml capacity, perfect for single or double serves, and compact enough to bring anywhere you go - to the office, on holiday, to your dorm room, or just sitting on your dining table waiting for your cooking inspo to hit. 

The best part? It comes with everything - a cooking pot, steamer attachment, grill plate and glass lid. Everything stacks up and stacks in - saving you space, time, and offering endless options without you having to break the bank and buy anything extra. 

Scroll down to read more about how this will change your life!

Product Specifications

Voltage: AC220-240V 50/60Hz

Wattage: 600W

Plug type: 3 pin plug 

Inclusive of: Cooking Pot, Steamer, Grill Plate, Glass Lid

Manufactured in: China

*The above specifications are subject to changes without notice


Size: W 195 × L 230 × H 200 (mm)~

Power cord length: 1.2m ~

Weight: 1.5kg~

Capacity: 800 ml

Warranty & Care

Your BRUNO is covered by a 1 year local warranty. Please register this warranty at

The warranty covers manufacturing defects only.

Warranty does not cover consumable parts.

Please follow instructions manual closely.

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Point 1: Grill

Grill meat for a single person BBQ night or even sandwiches for breakfast with the grill pan attachment. Samgyeopsal night? Go for it!

Point 2: Hotpot/ Nabe

Single serve cheesy tteokbokki? No problem! Hotpot on rainy days? We gotcha! Comes with a glass lid so you can watch your stew or soup while it cooks.

Point 3: Steam

Pair the nabe + steam rack and you can prepare steamed seafood, meatballs, or just heat up your dimsum in a jiffy. Great for prepping baby food in small servings too!

Point 4: Cook Rice

Seasoned rice, plain rice, or just porridge? All can do with the cooking pot attachment, too!