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Steam & Bake Toaster - Griege

Steam & Bake Toaster - Griege

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At BRUNO, we believe your appliances should always be multi-use. And that’s why we are bringing you the BRUNO Steam & Bake Toaster, a hardworking, multi-purpose kitchen helper that is here for you for breakfast, a light lunch, or to warm up that cold dinner along with your tired heart.

With 3 modes customized to produce the perfect result for different kinds of food, whether you are looking for a crispy crackly gooey cheese top, to magically transform a frozen croissant into a fluffy, buttery, flaky delight, or to bring a forgotten pasta dish back to hearty life, let the BRUNO Steam & Bake help you make your meals a little more special and a whole lot more delicious.

Super easy to clean and maintain, the toaster has a 90-250°C temperature range and extended 30-minute timer, making this a perfect helpmate for all those meals where you don't need or want to use a cumbersome large oven. Make everyday living simpler and better.

*SPECIAL* Steam Mode:

Revive, refresh, and rejuvenate your frozen or slightly stale baked goods in steam mode. The steam mode both introduces AND locks in moisture so you will never have to eat hard, dry or unappetizing bread again! All it takes is a little water poured into our unique steam water well to bring your bakes back to life!

Convection (Heating / Reheating) Mode:

No preheating required! The convection heating mode warms up your leftovers or chilled food quickly and evenly using a “surround heat” method.

Normal Mode:

Especially good for food with cheesy toppings or if you want to achieve a crusty, crispy exterior. Quick, even heating for gratin, pizzas, or open-faced sandwiches. 


Product Specifications

Outer: 357mm (W) x 321mm (D) x 209mm (H)

Inner: 274 mm (W) x 204 mm (D) x 178 mm (H)

Temperature Range  up to 250-degree celsius
Power Consumption 1300wattage
Voltage 220-240v 
Plug type 3 pin plug 
USP Patented steam technology that locks in moisture and revives stale bread
Manufactured in China
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