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Stainless Table Pot

Stainless Table Pot

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From the kitchen to your desk or even by your bedside, stay hydrated with the new BRUNO Stainless Table Pot! 

Perfect for everyday use, it features double-wall vacuum insulation, which can keep your water, tea or coffee warm at 66ºC and above for 10hours and cold for 6 hours at 6℃ and below.

The lid and inner lid are all removable for ease of cleaning. The wide-mouth design also allows you to put in ice easily. 

Available in soothing neutral shades of ivory or green 

At the push of a button, dispense drinks easily~

Press the open/close lever like so to open/close lid at ease

The wide mouth allows for ice cubes to be placed easily

Double vacuum insulated to retain the temperature of the drink. It has a special coating which makes it stain and odour resistant. 

After removing the lid, you can place a coffee dripper on and use it directly. It also helps to keep the drip coffee warm.


Product Specifications
Size W98mm x H200mm x D145mm
Capacity 750ml~
Material Inner bottle: Stainless steel (fluorine resin coating), Body: Stainless steel, Lid / center: Polypropylene / ABS resin, Handle / spout: Polypropylene, Packing: Silicone rubber

Heat insulation effect: 66 degrees or more (10 hours)

Cold insulation effect: 6 degrees or less (6 hours)

Care & Precautions

● Do not freeze. There is a risk of damage or deformation.  
● Do not use in a microwave, dishwasher, dryer
●After use, wash with a soft sponge and wipe immediately with a dry cloth or it may cause rust.  
● Do not use cleanser, metal scourer thinner, benzine, etc.  It may cause rust, scratches and paint peeling.  Do not use chlorine bleach.  It may cause rust and holes.  
● Do not boil the main unit or use a dishwasher or dish dryer.  Do not hit or apply a strong impact.  Vacuum condition may be damaged. 
● Do not use for anything other than keeping warm and cold drinks.  
● Please be careful about hot drinks.  
● Keep away from fire.  
● Please put drinks less than the lower edge of the centre.  
● Close the lid securely with the centre screw attached.  
● Do not leave the contents for a long time.  
● Do not put dry ice carbonated drinks.  
● Do not put dairy products, fruit juice/pulp, tea leaves.  
● When using for the first time after purchase, wash well with a neutral detergent before use.  
● Drinks should be completely consumed within the day, and after use, wash and dry the main unit before storing.  Please keep away from direct sunlight hot and humid. 

Manufactured in China
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