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Portable Desk Mist Fan

Portable Desk Mist Fan

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Beat the summer heat in style with the BRUNO Portable Desk Mist Fan🌬️

This retro-style fan not only provides refreshing airflow at 3 varying speeds but also emits an ultrasonic mist for an extra cooling effect. 

Just add water or ice to the tank, and feel the icy cool breeze! You can also add aroma water and fill the space with your favourite scent~ (Please note that essential oils and aromatherapy oils cannot be used.)

Designed for convenience and versatility, it has a handle to carry it around and is USB rechargeable - allowing you to use it anywhere you go. 

Whether you're at your desk, in the living room, or even on a camping trip, the BRUNO Portable Desk Mist Fan keeps you cool and comfortable for up to 8 hours (on the lowest fan speed only)! 

Stay cool and add a touch of vintage sophistication to your life with the Portable Desk Mist Fan, available in cool Gray or icy Blue Green. 

Product Specifications
Size W162mm x H232mm x D161mm

Cord length: about 1m
Material Body: ABS resin, silicone rubber
Power Supply

Input: DC5V 1A Max. (USB C rechargeable)

Li-ion battery 3.7V 2000 mAh

Charging time: Approx. 4 hours (when input is 5V1A)

Continuous use time:

  • Fan only: 2 (highest speed) -8 (lowest speed) hours
  • Fan + Mist: 1 (highest speed) - 3.5  (lowest speed) hours

3 Adjustable Fan Speed

Misting at approx. 70ml/h (±20ml)

Tank capacity 240ml

Care & Precautions
Clean water tank (daily/after each use)

  • Fill the tank with water and rinse it by shaking it 2-3 times.

※ If using detergent, use a diluted mild kitchen detergent and rinse thoroughly.



Water absorption paper holder/outlet tray (daily/after each use)

  • Pull out the outlet tray from the main unit.
  • Take out the water absorption paper holder from the outlet tray.
  • Wipe the outlet tray and water absorption paper holder with a dry cloth, ensuring they are thoroughly dried (as it can cause mould).
  • Attach the water absorption paper holder to the outlet tray and place it back into the main unit.

※ After using aroma water, rinse the outlet tray and water absorption paper holder with water to remove any remaining scent. Then wipe them with a dry cloth and ensure they are thoroughly dried.

Vibrator (approximately once a week) 

  • Using a soft material such as a cotton swab, gently clean the surface of the vibrator.
  • Do not use scrub brushes, hard sponges, or metal brushes as they can damage the surface of the vibrator and cause malfunctions.

※ When changing the type of aroma water used, perform this maintenance each time before replacing.

Inclusive of  Fan, USB C cable
Manufactured in China
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