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Styling Handy Steamer in Blue Gray

Styling Handy Steamer in Blue Gray

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Everyday Comfort and Style – from your tables to the rest of your home, BRUNO is constantly innovating to improve the quality of your daily living without compromising on style.

Our Styling Handy Steamer with its amazing range of functions packs a big punch on its small size just like the rest of our family of products.

Steam out 5 major odours (smoke/food/pet smells/mildew/sweat) for fresh-smelling clothes every day!

Product Specifications

Material: ABS Resin/ Polypropylene/ Stainless Steel

Steam Amount: Lo: 10g/min ; Hi:18g/min

Continuous Steam Output Time: Max 8 minutes

Auto Shut Off: After 8 minutes of idle, it will turn off automatically

Thermal fuse: 216 degree celsius

Power Consumption: 1400-1600wattage

Voltage: 220-240v 

Plug type: 3 pin plug, compatible and compliant for Singapore use.

Inclusive of: Main Body, Measuring Cup, Steamer cover, Steamer brush

Manufactured in: China


Size: W93mm×H217bmm×D110mm

Weight:  750g~ 

Water Tank Volume: Approx. 130ml

Power cord length: Approx 3metres

Warranty & Care

Your BRUNO is covered by a 1 year local warranty. Please register this warranty at

Please follow instructions manual closely.

Warranty does not cover consumable parts.

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  • Lightweight & easy-to-hold

    It starts up in 25 seconds, so you can quickly take care of your clothes even on busy mornings.

  • Space saving

    Ergonomic design does not stress your wrist and can be easily hung from your clothes rack

  • 18g hot steam/min

    Steam out 5 major odours (smoke/food/pet smells/mildew/sweat) for fresh smelling clothes every day!

  • Padded Attachment

    For delicate clothing such as silk and cashmere.It also prevents clothes from getting wet on the iron surface with condensation.

  • Brush Attachment

    For thick clothes with long bristles.It can also remove lint and dust from clothing.

  • Anti-Bacterial

    Tested by Japanese standards to remove 99% of bacteria as well as pollen and allergens from clothing and soft toys! So handy around the home

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