Do you know what is takoyaki? 

The literal translation is octopus(tako) grilled (yaki) - with some people calling it grilled octopus ball. 

This classic Japanese street snack is a wheat flour ball, typically filled with tako (boiled octopus).

Traditionally, takoyaki batter is usually made from flour and dashi (japanese soup stock); but we've come up with our own localised version using simple ingredients that are common in your kitchen or readily available at any supermarket.

Of course, feel free to buy a premix and follow package instructions.

Let's not forget the best part about making takoyaki at home - you can put in ANY ingredients you like~

We tried ham, cheese and even mentaiko this time! What do you like in your takoyaki? 


Takoyaki Batter  Fillings (anything you like!) Toppings
300ml Water + Soup stock cube (or 300ml stock) Tako (boiled octopus) Takoyaki Sauce
1 cup Plain Flour Cheese Mayo
Pinch of Salt Ham Bonito flakes
Pinch of Pepper Mentaiko Aonori flakes
2 Eggs Sweet Corn
Chopped Spring Onion (optional) Tenkasu
Pickled Red Ginger

 S T E P S

  1. Mix all batter ingredients together and set aside
  2. Prepare BRUNO hotplate with Takoyaki attachment and set to HIGH heat
  3. Fill the holes with oil to at least 1/3 for crispy takoyaki!
  4. Let the oil heat up before pouring in your batter, overfilling is ok!
  5. Add in your fillings as desired!
  6. When the outer layer starts to cook and form, you can turn your takoyaki over, spilling the uncooked batter over.
  7. Try to stuff all the excess into the hole, forming the perfect ball!
  8. Cook till everything is golden brown and you can serve with your favourite sauces and toppings! 

Tip: The takoyakis in the middle will cook slightly faster, remove and serve those first, then move the remaining takoyaki inwards

WIN! - A full set of BRUNO Miniatures (6 gacha) and other premiums! 

Here's how to participate:

1) Recreate any recipe from BRUNO Test Kitchen, feel free to give it your own twist!

2) Take a photo/video of your creation and post on Facebook or Instagram

3) Tag us @brunohotplatesg and hashtag #brunosgmoments

Contest runs from 26/5/2022 till 30/6/2022, 2359hrs. Posts and accounts need to remain public for the entire contest period.

Contest is limited to Singapore residents only.

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