Steamed cake (mushipan)

Original from: daydaycook

Adapted for use with BRUNO Multi Grill Pot

These super soft and fluffy cake are super easy to whip up and the best part - No oven required! 

We made mushipan - Japanese steamed cake with the BRUNO Multi Grill Pot. The strong even heating is perfect to ensure the cakes cook and rise up evenly. 

For a fun Easter twist, we made them in eggshells. Of course, you can make them in cupcake liners as well and decorate them as cute chicks! 


Makes about 8-10
Cake Batter Decorations
100g Plain Flour Melted chocolate
20g Corn Starch Food colouring (optional)
6g Baking Powder
80g Sugar
2 Eggs
100g Vegetable Oil
10ml Milk



  1. Prep eggshells as shown in the video
  2. Sift all dry ingredients into a bowl
  3. Add in wet ingredients and mix well
  4. Transfer batter to a ziplock bag if desired
  5. Fill clean eggshells with batter till about 50% full. If using cupcake liners, fill to about 70% full
  6. Prepare BRUNO Multi Grill Pot and place in steamer rack and fill with water
  7. Place filled eggshells or cupcake liners in and cover top with a clean kitchen towel before closing the lid
  8. For eggshells, steam on MED for 20mins; For cupcake liners, steam on LO for 15-20mins
  9. Poke a skewer through the middle and it should come out clean
  10. Decorate as desired


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