Rose Coffee, Tea, and Me~

Turn up the heat as we enter the month of love! This Valentine's Day, beat the heat (of passion) with this milk tea(se) - a floral blend of rose tea, coffee jelly, and milk. No need to choose between coffee, tea, or me!  

Delving into the deets

Feature flower

The classic Valentine’s blossom, rose, is featured in two forms in this recipe, dried rose petals and rose syrup/ bandung. The former can be found in baking supply shops or Indian grocery stores, while rose syrup is commonly available in most supermarkets.

Coffee Jelly

The coffee jelly is a refreshing contrast in this milky drink. You can purchase it in stores, or make it beforehand with sugar, coffee and agar-agar powder:  

  1. Bring 700 ml of freshly brewed coffee to a boil in a pot, then stir in 250 g sugar and 5 g agar-agar powder. 
  2. Pour mixture into a large wide covered container and place in the fridge after it has cooled down (~ 3 hours). 
  3. Remove jelly from the container and stamp out pieces with your favourite shaped cookie cutter. (optional)

Recipe (makes 2 glasses)


  1. Place the dried rose petals in your BRUNO Hot Soup Blender and top it up with the water.
  2. Set your Hot Soup Blender to run on the SOYMILK setting.
  3. When the blending program is completed, place the teabags into the Hot Soup Blender and let them steep for 20 minutes. 
  4. Discard the teabags and stir the rose syrup into the tea to sweeten it. 
  5. Transfer the tea to a separate container and refrigerate the tea until it is chilled.
  6. When the tea has chilled, pour the cream and milk into the Hot Soup Blender and run the SMOOTHIE mode to mix and froth up the dairy.
  7. Assemble by layering a deep glass with 50 g coffee jelly, half the ice, and half of the chilled rose tea, in that order.
  8. Tilt the glass, and gently slide the dairy down its inner wall to float the milk on top the tea up until the brim of the glass.
  9. Spoon some of the foam from the Hot Soup Blender over the top, and sprinkle a few more dried rose petals over for a pretty presentation.
  10. Repeat steps 7 to 9 to assemble the second glass of Rose, Coffee Tea and Me.

Serve with a bubble tea straw and a tender loving peck on the cheek. Happy Valentine's Day~ 

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