OPP - One Pot Pasta

Satisfying, comforting, and with minimal clean-up, this one pot pasta is our go-to for busy weekday nights or we need to conjure up a meal in a jiffy. 

The ingredients listed below are mere suggestions that can be substituted according to what’s available in your fridge (more on this below). The important things to get right are the cooking order, and the concept of boiling down the pasta water in your BRUNO Ceramic Coated (Nabe) Pot attachment to make a robust sauce.  

Delving into the deets

One pot pasta must contain two essential components, the pasta, and a boiling liquid that later reduces down to form the sauce. The rest of the ingredients - the aromatics, protein, and veggies, provide the flavour and profile of the dish, and these can be mixed-and-matched.

Pasta picks

For this technique try to use a smaller sized pasta, that’ll make it easier to stir, you can choose common variants like macaroni, orecchiette, or orzo.

Fluid favourites

    Broth is the perfect base to boil the pasta in as it will flavour the sauce. You can use beef, vegetable, or chicken stock, and fish or prawn broths can be used for seafood pastas. For tomato sauces combine crushed tomatoes with water or broth. Wine is a great inclusion which you should splash in prior adding your main solvent. Finally, for a creamy sauce, only introduce it at the end of the cook.    

    Other ingredients

      • Protein preferences can range from shredded roast leftovers, to sliced cured meat, but raw sausage meat works great as it comes pre seasoned and minced.
      • Any stir frying vegetable will work, but legumes like green peas or beans are a great choice too.
      • Aromatics like onion, carrot, celery, and herbs should be added to perfume the sauce. Just make sure they are finely chopped, and sautéed before adding the pasta's cooking liquid.
      • Cheeses for topping pasta are typically aged flavorful cheese that are hard and fragrant. Think of cheeses like Parmesan, Pecorino Romano, Grana Padano, or Ricotta Salata.

      Recipe (serves 2 - 3) 


      1. Add the sausage mince to your BRUNO Hotplate configured with the Nabe Pot while it's OFF. Spread the mince around with a silicone spatula and thenset the hotplate to cook on the HI setting (starting the cook with a room temperature hotplate will help render the excess oil out of the sausage)
      2. Separate the mince with your spatula to prevent the mince’s grains from adhering to one another.  
      3. After the sausage mince has sizzled on one side for some time (~ 3 minutes), give it a stir to makes sure it cooks evenly on all sides. 
      4. When the sausage is fully cooked and nicely browned, scoop out the meat into a bowl and set it aside. 
      5. Add the broccoli to the nabe pot once the meat is removed. Stir-fry the broccoli in the rendered sausage fat to flavour and cook it (~ 2 minutes). 
      6. When the rawness is cooked out of the broccoli, add the cherry tomatoes to the pot and season the vegetables with the salt. Sear the vegetables for another minute before removing them from the pot and setting them aside. 
      7. Add a little olive oil to the pot and sauté the garlic, onions, and sage it for half a minute.
      8. Add the raw macaroni into the pot then pour in the stock to until the pasta is just covered. Wait for the liquid to come to a rolling boil.
      9. Give the pasta a stir with a silicone spatula, and scrubbing the bottom of the nabe pot with it to deglaze it. Continue to stir the contents of the pot periodically to agitate the boiling liquid and to cook the pasta evenly. 
      10. When the liquid evaporates until a thin layer remains, add more water to be able to cook the pasta evenly continue stirring. 
      11. After the pasta has cooked for a considerable duration, give a piece a bite to test its doneness, when it is mostly cooked but still undone in the centre (al dente), stop adding liquid into the pot, instead reintroduce the sausage and stir it in. 
      12. Add the cooked vegetables and ¾ of the parsley then stir those in. 
      13. Add the butter and 50 g of the grated cheese into the pot and stir those in too. This should turn the remaining liquid into a thick and sticky sauce. 
      14. Turn off the heat and serve immediately in the pot. 

      Plate up the pasta with extra helpings of grated cheese and a garnishing of parsley. Top with black pepper or chilli flakes to taste and enjoy~    

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