Make Piles of Floaty Roti Jala

Round off your festivities this Hari Raya Haji with BRUNO!

Airy, porous, and fuss-free Roti Jala is the perfect complement to the curries, rempahs, and soups that will star in your festivities. More pertinently, with BRUNO setting the stage for your golden pancakes, you can add a fun, interactive component to your festive spread or routine family meals!

Quick Jala facts

  • Roti Jala’s common pseudonym, Roti Kirai, means ‘messy’.
  • An apt name given that the traditional method of shaping the batter was to fling it with one’s fingers onto a hot pan.
  • Despite the chaos elicited by the previous two facts, the turmeric component that gives the dish its golden hue was first added to make it grand enough for service to Kings and Sultans.

    Why make Roti Jala with your BRUNO?

    • Our Hotplates enable “Point-of-Makan'' (POM) cooking for maximum freshness — cook right at the table to enjoy the freshest, fluffiest pancakes as your feast is in full swing! 
    • This POM capability inspires participation, making Roti Jala production an engaging affair for family and friends. Thanks to BRUNO’s high safety rating and steadfast temperature control, it’s even safe for (supervised) kids to have a go.
    • Lessen your load! With POM cooking, your roti is one less dish to cook before the feast’s commencement, leaving you more time to focus on your other courses. *Psssst… you can delegate the cooking workload of this side dish to your family and friends.*    

    With your BRUNO Compact Hotplate and this handy guide, it’s a cinch to set up your very own self-service Roti station that is safe and foolproof!

    Ingredients (makes 10 pancakes)


    1. Mix dry ingredients and wet ingredients in separate bowls.
    2. With a hand mixer or blender, mix wet ingredients for 6 minutes, or until the batter is smooth and frothy. Gradually increase mixing speed minute-by-minute if using a hand mixer.
    3. Strain batter with a sieve and transfer mixture into a squeeze bottle to reserve for cooking during service.


    Equip your Bruno Hotplate with the basic flat plate attachment. Power it up, and toggle the temperature to midway between “WARM” and “LOW”. Allow your hotplate 2 minutes to come to temperature. Once ready, invert the squeeze bottle over the hotplate’s surface and apply gentle, constant pressure to extrude the batter in a constant stream. 


    “The Perm”

    Doodle unbroken small overlapping circles over the flat plate in a clockwise pattern till a full larger circle is completed. If required, keep the squiggles coming till your roti has a sufficient weave. Halt the batter flow when you are satisfied with the coverage by loosening your grip on the squeeze bottle. 

    “Okonomiyaki sauce” style

    Apply pressure to the squeeze bottle and hover it in a creeping zig-zag pattern diagonally across the flat plate. After traversing the breadth flat plate, repeat the same zig-zagging pattern on the opposing diagonal to form a pretty latticed pattern. 

    When the batter appears completely dry (this takes about 1 minute), your Roti Jala is ready! Gently lift it off the Hotplate with a spatula and tongs and transfer to a large plate for folding.  

    Play with your food!

    Once you’ve gotten the hang of Roti Jala shaping, feel free to exercise your creativity and experiment with other shapes to unleash your inner Jackson Pollock. 


    These paper-thin pancakes cool really fast and you should be able to fold them immediately after cooking!

    The “Burrito” Tuck

    Once your Roti is cool enough to touch, gather the horizontal sides inwards towards the center with clean fingers, then just roll it up sideways like you would a burrito or popiah. This cylindrical package makes expediting curries to your mouth convenient and tidy!

    The Napkin pleat 

    Perhaps the more eye-pleasing presentation, simply transform your roti into a cute triangle by folding it in half three times. 


    With folding concluded, quickly serve-up your Roti Jala as you go. Consume promptly, as still-warm rotis are the foremost absorbent mode for mopping up scrumptious stews like this Sweet Autumn Mutton Curry.

    May you and yours be blessed with with happiness and peace, 

    Selamat Hari Raya Haji~

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