Kira-Kira Fruit Gems

Juicy fresh fruits encased in a crystal shell of sweetness — these dainty Kira-Kira (shiny) Fruit Gems are the perfect way to get the little ones to try out different fruits!

The divots of the BRUNO Hotplate's Takoyaki plates make ideal individual receptacles for dissolving the syrup and for coating each skewered fruit. This helps prevent contamination of the syrup of for subsequent gems so you don't get discoloring, resulting in crystal clear very Kira gems.   

Delving into the deets

Fruity Fit

We recommend whole fruits or fruits with thin skin such as berries, grapes and small mandarins. Fruits with damp surfaces such as apple or pineapple are not recommended as the candy coating may not adhere. ⁣⁣

Convenient cleanup

Leftover candy mixture will dry and harden. Add water and heat your hotplate back up slightly for an easy wash-up!


    Recipe (Makes 12)


      1. Wash fruits and dry them well with a paper towel and stick each of them on a bamboo skewer. ⁣⁣
      2. Equip your BRUNO Hotplate with the Takoyaki Plate, and spoon out 1 tsp of granulated sugar, and 1/2 tsp water into each of the takoyaki moulds. 
      3. Set the heat to MED and heat the mixture until it thickens (~ 8 minutes), do not stir during this step. 
      4. Switch off your Hotplate and work quickly to coat the fruit with the syrup mixture. ⁣⁣
      5. Place the coated candied fruits on a wax paper to dry and harden.⁣⁣
      Enjoy your sparkly candied Kira Kira fruit gems~
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