Green-a Colada

Bored of staycations yet? Can't get on that cruise to nowhere? 

Escape to paradise with this spin on the classic vacation mocktail, Pina Colada. This signature pineapple and coconut combo is enriched by a wealth of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants due to the inclusion of peak-fresh produce from farm-to-table veggie dealer Urban Tiller.

Conveniently store all the prepared ingredients in your BRUNO Cordless Blender and blitz up whenever you feel like it — preferably reclined at the beach.

Delving into the deets


Forget ice, cool your drink using some frozen pineapple instead! It won't dilute your drink, and only intensifies the pineapple kick, simply piece apart a pineapple beforehand, and freeze a bunch of it for use whenever you need to make your smoothies. 

Alternatively, simply purchase frozen portioned pineapple from your supermarket and use that instead.    


Microgreens come chocked full of the nutrients often consisting up to 9 times the minerals and antioxidants of their fully grown counterparts! The same can be said about their flavour, concentrated and fragrant.

This recipe sees red mustard adding a peppery kick to this mocktail along with lemon balm to introduce its touch of citrusy zing!

Swiss chard

While swiss chard may typically be hard to come by, Urban Tiller often has the vibrantly coloured veggie in stock. Make the most of this rare find and boost your smoothie with iron, potassium, and vitamins.


Agave nectar is lower on the glycemic index than sugar and is several times sweeter too, meaning you need use less of it; a healthier alternative that's better tasting by far! 

It also dissolves more easily than sugar or honey, making the syrup an ideal choice for sweetening this cold smoothie.     


Feel free to spike your Green-a Colada with some spiced rum to get into the holiday mood.



Urban Tiller Ingredients:

150 g coconut milk 50 g swiss chard
100 g frozen pineapple ½ punnet lemon balm microgreen (cut and washed)
½ tbsp agave nectar  ½ punnet black basil microgreen (cut and washed)
edible flowers (for garnish)


Add the ingredients to the cup of your BRUNO Cordless Blender in the following order:

i. Frozen pineapple
ii. Coconut milk
iii. Agave Nectar
iv. Black Basil
v. Lemon Balm
vi. Swiss Chard
  1. Cover the Cordless Blender, double-tap the power button, and invert to blend. 
  2. Run the Cordless Blender as till your preferred consistency is attained. 
  3. When the blender has run its course and the Green-a Colada is chunk-free, pour the refreshment into your most laid-back mug and garnish with freshly picked edible regional flowers from Urban Tiller.
  4. Sit back, relax and enjoy~
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