New Year's Crepe-ettes

Here's a tasty trick to tuck up your sleeve  these petit New Year's Crepe-ettes are a sweet festive snack that you can throw together in mere minutes with ingredients you may already have on-hand. This last-minute dessert is child's play, so rope in the kids to craft up these tasty treats, maximising all your precious holiday moments spent together! 

As good as they taste and as cute as they come, no one will fault you for cheating with these mini "crepes" which are in fact dumpling skins toasted on your BRUNO Hotplate, and topped with tart berries and lush cream. Homemade dessert's a piece of  ̶c̶a̶k̶e̶  crepe* with this handy BRUNO hack.   

Delving into the deets

Fruity Favourites

The berries afford the feature flavour in this sweet and simple dish. Their profile of sweet and sour serves to complement the rich cream perfectly, so we've gone with strawberries and blueberries for this. Similar fruit such as blackberry, raspberry, or diced kiwi will work too!

Recipe (Makes 6 petit crepes)


  1. To a large mixing bowl add the sugar and the whipping cream, then beat the mixture with a hand mixer until you attain stiff peaks.
  2. Divide the whipped cream into two equal portions and fold the matcha powder into one of them with a spatula.
  3. Transfer both the plain whipped cream and the matcha cream into separate piping bags and store them in the refrigerator.
  4. Brush melted butter onto the dumpling skins.
  5. Configure your BRUNO Hotplate with the Flat Plate and set the heat to LOW. 
  6. Toast the dumpling skins on your hot plate ensuring they don't overlap, and bake them on both sides till they are crisp (~3 - 6 minutes).
  7. Turn off heat and remove the cooked dumpling skins and set them aside for 5 minutes to let them cool.
  8. Pipe the whipped cream and matcha cream onto the crepe-ettes and top with the berries.
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