Christmas Chimichurri

Sauces can make or break a feast; A great gravy can save a dry roast, and a vinaigrette value-adds to savoury dishes with acidity and freshness. That’s why we’re spotlighting Chimichurri Verde, a meat-loving condiment invented by Gaucho(Argentinian Cowboys) grill masters  its sure to be the perfect amigo for your meaty Christmastime roasts.

Prepare this sauce ahead of time by tossing the Chimichurri ingredients into your nifty BRUNO Cordless Blender and saving them to process later when your Christmas party really gets rolling!  

Delving into the deets

Carne Complement

Chimichurri Verde pairs naturally with grilled meats, and roasts — think prime rib, rack of lamb, or even roast salmon. All these umami laden dishes benefit from the garlicky- zesty flavour of the vinaigrette, so it’s handy to have a saucière full on hand during your festivities. 

Portable Processing

With the BRUNO Cordless Blender you can prepare all the ingredients ahead in the blender cup and leave it in the fridge to keep it fresh. The untethered device makes it perfect to bring along to a potluck where you can steal the show by blending up a fresh sauce just as the party's livening up.   

Dressing deviations

You can easily modify a chimichurri to express the flavours you desire. Try adding pungent herbs or greens (e.g. rosemary, basil, kale, etc...) to better match a dish's seasonings.

For chilli devotees, consider the including pickled jalapenos or roasted peppers. Smoked chipotle or paprika are also excellent additions to exquisitely enhance smoky sausages or barbecued meats.   



  1. Add all the ingredients to the BRUNO Cordless Blender cup starting with the herbs and garlic, then the seasonings (salt, cumin and chilli), and lastly the liquids (vinegar and oil). At this stage, the cup can be covered with the plastic lid provided, and set aside for later processing at the point of consumption.  
  2. Just prior to dining, cover the cup with the blender lid and thread it in so the white dots are aligned. Double-tap the power button and invert the blender to blend the sauce. 
  3. The sauce will be ready after one blending cycle, with some remaining chunks of herb still visible. The oil should also be well emulsified by the blending.  

Serve alongside your Christmas spread and enjoy with your of meaty mains. 

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