Silky Salted Caramel Lavender Latte

It's lavender season in Japan, and whilst for most of us travelling to the gorgeous lavender fields of Furano is not a possibility, BRUNO brings Farm Tomita to you via our limited edition Lavender Hot Soup Blender with its gentle, restful shade of pastel purple. 

This Lavender Hot Soup Blender makes creating soups, lattes, smoothies and more truly foolproof with its one-touch interface. Brew up all sorts of warm, soothing libations easily! At the BRUNO Test Kitchen, our team has created a recipe sure to bring you to those lavender fields instantly (and deliciously) - introducing the Salted Caramel Lavender Soy Latte. 

This silky lavender infusion is dairy free and complemented by the smooth notes of salted caramel. The floral notes of the lavender lift the rich smoothness of the soy, and the warm, round notes of the salted caramel finish it off as the perfect drink to pass a slow afternoon or to enjoy with a book before bedtime. 


Salted Caramel

  • If you haven't any salted caramel, 1 tbsp of honey will serve a dandy substitute. Consider compensating with an extra pinch of sea salt.


  • We've found straining the soymilk with a cheesecloth results in the smoothest product, otherwise a regular mesh strainer will work too but this may result in a slightly grittier brew. 
  • When using a cheesecloth and a big bowl, it's handy to have to use bulldog clips to secure the cheesecloth to the rim of the bowl, this'll help you avoid spilling unstrained soymilk into the bowl!


  • Handily this latte repurposes the SMOOTHIE mode of the Hot Soup Blender to froth up a foamy head. This allows for less washing-up and max efficiency. 
  • Feel free to use a milk steamer or an electric milk frother if you are so inclined. 



  1. Toss all the dry ingredients except the pink salt into your hot soup blender. Add potable water up to the “Max” fill indicator, power up the blender, and run the SOYMILK setting. 
  2. When the cycle is finished, line a mixing bowl with the cheesecloth and pour the mixture over the top of it. Gather up the sides of the cheesecloth and lift it from the bowl without spilling any soymilk, much of the mixture ought to have pooled up in the cloth which should now resemble a soggy bindle sack. 
  3. Extricate the beverage with a pair of tongs by pinching the sack at the top and gently pushing towards the bottom. The cheesecloth should be flaccid after a couple of repetitions and you can discard it. 
  4. For a foamy head, simply pour the soy milk back into your hot soup blender and blitz on SMOOTHIE mode for half a minute. Pour the latte into your daintiest mug and beautify with a sprinkle of dried lavender flowers and a pinch of pink salt. Enjoy~  
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