Miffy's Sandwich

To end off Miffy's birthday month, we made a thicc sando that's easy and perfect to bring out for a picnic!🧺

The best part? We cooked everything with the BRUNO Double Grill Sand Maker, that's right - even including the juicy grilled teriyaki chicken~ 

Try it out and let us know! 


Grilled Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich
6 palm sized portion boneless Chicken Thigh/leg 6 Bread slices
3 Tbsp Mirin Butter
3 Tbsp Cooking Sake Mayo
3 Tbsp Light Soy Sauce
Vegetables of your choice
4 Tsp Sugar Anything you like!



Grilled Teriyaki Chicken

    1. Combine mirin, cooking sake, light soy sauce, sugar and mix well
    2. Marinate chicken overnight in them
    3. Prepare BRUNO Double Grill Sand Maker (GSM) with Grill Plate
    4. Preheat on HI for 5 mins
    5. Place chicken (skin side down) on the grill
    6. Close GSM, turn heat to MED and set timer for 8 mins
    7. Halfway through, open GSM and flip chicken
    8. Continue cooking till grilled lines develop 
    9. Remove and set aside


  1. Prepare BRUNO Double Grill Sand Maker (GSM) with Miffy Sandwich Plate
  2. Turn heat to LO and begin stacking sandwich
  3. Spread butter on bread and place butter side down to the plates.
  4. Then, spread mayo on the inside
  5. Stack your ingredients however you like! 
  6. Spread bread with mayo, cover with mayo side down, and then butter the top of the bread before closing the GSM
  7. Turn heat to MED and grill for 5 mins or till golden brown
  8. Serve hot on a plate or wrap in baking paper to bring it out for picnics🌸
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