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Miffy Heat Resistant Glass Pot

Miffy Heat Resistant Glass Pot

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Fill your kitchen with Miffy ♪

Tea time has never been so adorable!

Let Miffy accompany and soothe you with a good cup of tea. 

With a large and easy-to-hold handle, the transparent glass pot allows you to observe and enjoy the process of pouring hot water onto the tea leaves, seeing how the leaves bloom and water changes colour as the tea steeps. 

It is also suitable for a leisurely tea time by yourself or with your loved ones.

All of the products come in individual boxes, so they are easy to wrap and make great gifts.


Product Specifications

w17 x d10 x h12.5 cm

Capacity 500ml~
Material Body: Heat-resistant glass (up to 120 ℃) Strainer: Stainless steel
Care & Precautions

-Cannot be used in dishwasher

● Do not freeze. There is a risk of damage or deformation.  
●After use, wash with a soft sponge and wipe immediately dry.
● Do not use cleanser, metal scourer thinner, benzine, etc.  It may cause scratches and paint peeling.  Do not use chlorine bleach. 
● Do not hit or apply a strong impact.  
● Keep away from fire.  
● When using for the first time after purchase, wash well with a neutral detergent before use.  

Manufactured in Japan
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