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Keeper Bag Reusable Silicone Bag (5PC Set) - Pastel

Keeper Bag Reusable Silicone Bag (5PC Set) - Pastel

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Say goodbye to plastic bag!

Keeper bags are designed to be endlessly reusable in order to keep your food fresh, making life easier and preventing plastic pollution for a long time to come. 

1 Keeper bag can save 3000+ plastic bags.

We hope Keeperbag will inspire you to make small changes in your daily routines 

Product Specifications

Material: Platinum Food Grade Silicone

Food Grade Containers | FDA Approved

*Safe for the Freezer, Microwave, Dishwasher, Boiling Water


Size | Colour:

400ML - Violet

800ML - Mint

1000ML - Olive

2000ML - Pastel Green

3500ML - Pastel Pink

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