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Fremo Bento Box

Fremo Bento Box

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These beautiful lunch boxes look just like an intricate jewellery case. These made in Japan Fremo bento boxes will complement your BRUNO-style kitchen!

Each bento box is the ideal meal portion size and can offer various food combinations for people on-the-go! They come in gorgeous pastel hues and are 100% Made in Japan from high quality and absolutely safe materials. 

Kids and adults alike just love packing homemade food to school and work in our new bento box range!

Currently available in pink, lavender and mint

Product Specifications

13.4 cm √ó width 9.5 cm √ó height 8.6 cm

Capacity 460ml (upper 230 ml / lower 230 ml)
Care & Precautions
  • Do not put in a steam oven, oven or toaster oven¬†
  • The cover may not seal properly if you put too much food/liquid into it so always keep it in an upright position¬†
  • Do not damage or remove the sealing ring as this can cause spillage¬†
  • Do not brush or clean with abrasive or rough surfaces to keep the boxes in tip-top condition.
When used in the Microwave Oven: 
- Remove the cover lid and inner lid
- Do not microwave an empty bento box 
- Avoid heating foods with a high sugar or oil content 

‚óŹ Do not freeze. There is a risk of damage or deformation. ¬†
‚óŹAfter use, wash with a soft sponge and wipe with a dry cloth¬†
‚óŹ Do not use cleanser, metal scourer thinner, benzine, etc. ¬†It may cause scratches and paint peeling. ¬†Do not use chlorine bleach. ¬†It may cause rust and holes. ¬†
‚󏬆Do not hit or apply a strong impact.¬†¬†
‚󏬆Do not use for anything other than keeping food.
‚óŹ Please be careful about hot liquids. ¬†
‚óŹ Keep away from fire. ¬†
‚óŹ Please put¬†liquids less than the lower edge of the centre. ¬†
‚óŹ Close the lid securely
‚óŹ Do not leave the contents inside for a long time. ¬†
‚óŹ When using for the first time after purchase, wash well with a neutral detergent before use. ¬†
‚óŹ Please keep away from direct sunlight hot and humid.¬†

Manufactured in Japan
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