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DOUBLE Grill Sand Maker in Miffy

DOUBLE Grill Sand Maker in Miffy

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BRUNO worked with Miffy and her friends to bring to you the all-new Double Grill Sand Maker. 

It makes hot sandwiches and crispy waffles– but even better. The panini-press function makes sure your sandwich is heated through and properly sealed – and doubles up as a grill for meat and vegetables too!

Golden brown, crusty on the outside – meltingly fluffy on the inside hot pocket sandwiches are now achievable at home – no expensive café equipment needed, and ten times cuter to boot!

*Not compatible with any HOT sand maker attachments.

**Not compatible with SINGLE Grill Sand Maker attachments 

Product Specifications

Material: Main body: Phenolic resin/steel, Plate: Aluminum alloy (inner surface fluorine resin coating film processing)

Heating Element: Heating Coil

Function: Removable plates, 15 minutes timer, 120- 215degrees celsius

Power Consumption: 900 wattage

Voltage: 220-240v 

Plug type: 3 pin plug, compatible and compliant for Singapore use.

Inclusive of: Main Body, 1 set of Miffy Sandwich plates, 1 set of Miffy Cake plates and 1 set of Grill Plates

Manufactured in: China


Size: W285mm x H145mm x D240mm

Power Cord length: Approximately 1.3m

Weight: 3kg~

Warranty & Care

Your BRUNO is covered by a 1 year local warranty. Please register this warranty at

The warranty covers manufacturing defects and does not extend to scratches caused by cleaning and/or cooking with sharp objects or non wooden and silicon kitchen tools.

Please follow instructions manual closely.

Warranty does not cover consumable parts.

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  • Limited edition Miffy Plates

    Comes with 1 set of Miffy Sandwich plates and 1 set of Miffy Cake plates.

  • Grill Plates

    Also included 1 set of Grill plates - enjoy grilled vegetables, meats and seafood!

  • Timer & Temp Control

    Precise cooking and baking by selecting the right temperature and timings.

  • Oil Drip Tray

    Built-in pull-out drip tray for excess oil from the meats to drain away.

  • Simple clean-up

    Let the attachment cool completely before removing it. Then just wash with soft sponge and dishwashing liquid.

  • Space saving

    It can be stored vertically, and the power cord can be wrapped around the legs for neat storage.

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