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The Pot in White

The Pot in White

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Barista approved for its steady and consistent pour, The Pot from BALMUDA is perfect for coffee and tea-lovers as well as households which favour classic Japanese minimalist designs, with luxurious finishes.

Sleek, minimalist and classic Japanese design.

The streamlined spout and ergonomic handle giving a perfect grip, results in super stable pouring when holding by hand; making it perfect for drip coffee.

Just the right size, it does not take up storage space while the 600ml capacity allows you to make 3 cups of coffee or 2 bowls of instant noodles.

Similar to The Toaster, The Pot has a stainless steel with sandblasted matte surface for an ultra-luxe look. 

Take your time to brew coffee slowly and enjoy a wonderful time with BALMUDA.

Product Specifications

Body only: Width 269mm x Depth 128mm x Height 170mm

Power base included: Width 269mm x Depth 142mm x Height 194mm


Body: Approximately 0.6kg

Powerbase: Approximately 0.3 kg

Capacity 0.6 litres
Power Consumption 1200wattage
Voltage 220-240v 
Plug type 3 pin plug 
Safety features Empty prevention function, automatic power-off function
Estimated boiling time

200ml- Approximately one and a half minutes

600ml (when full)- Approximately 3 minutes

***When the tap wap water/ water temperature is 25 degrees. It depends on the usage environment.

Manufactured in Taiwan
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