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The Toaster in Beige (3rd Gen)

The Toaster in Beige (3rd Gen)

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Enjoy the ultimate luxurious experience with the new and premium Balmuda Toaster - now available in the latest 3rd generation model!

Beloved by fans as  "The Perfect Toaster", the BALMUDA fires to toasty life in 2 minutes, filling the kitchen with the ambrosial smell of fresh bread and making breakfasts just that much more special.

Whether you go for the ivory, beige or black, all finished in a tasteful, understated yet elegant matte feel, it’s a meaningful gift to remember - and use - every day.

Product Specifications

Temperature Range: up to 250-degree celsius

Power Consumption: 1300wattage

Voltage: 220-240v 

Plug type: 3 pin plug 

USP: Patented steam technology that locks in moisture and revives stale bread

Manufactured in: China


Size: Outer: 357mm (W) x 321mm (D) x 209mm (H)

Inner: 274 mm (W) x 204 mm (D) x 178 mm (H)

Weight: 5kg~ 

Warranty & Care

Your BALMUDA is covered by a 1 year local warranty. Please register this warranty at

Warranty does not cover consumable parts.

Please follow instructions manual closely.

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  • On/Off Button

    Switch the oven off once your bakes reaches perfection! The power will also automatically turn off after 30 seconds of no operation.

  • 5 Modes

    ① Toast mode

    ② Cheese toast mode

    ③ French bread mode

    ④ Croissant mode

    ⑤ Classic mode (170, 220, 250°C)

  • Patented Steaming Technology

    Only the top of your bakes will be toasted to a golden brown finish, locking in moisture for the perfect crispy, fluffy bread - as if it was fresh made!

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